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  • Dedicated to
    Family Law & Immigration Law

    Since 1991 • Seattle, WA

  • Dedicated to
    Family Law & Immigration Law

    Since 1991 • Seattle, WA

The Law Offices of Dave Hawkins
Seattle, WA

My practice is a general practice with a focus on family law, immigration and appellate work in Seattle, Washington. I have a working knowledge of Russian and German, which facilitates my work with members of the Russian community in the areas of family law and immigration.

For the past 21 years, I have concentrated on family law and immigration. In the family law arena, I have argued dozens of cases before a variety of courts and in a variety of counties: from Pacific county in the south to Clallam county in the north.

Families have always been my focus; from child custody litigation, child support, modifications, divorce, processing immigrant fiance' and marriage petitions to arranging foreign adoptions. Whenever a child is involved, great care must be taken to protect that child from being exposed to the legal problems, which often place the parents at odds with one another.

I work hard to keep costs to a minimum, in order to maintain my fees which I believe are the most reasonable in the area. I know that your divorce may be one of the toughest times of your life, and I will do everything I can to make the process as comfortable as possible.

I believe that finding a middle ground and reaching a settlement out of court is nearly always in everyone's best interest in a divorce case, provided that what you receive is at least equal to or better than what a trial might produce. I know that your divorce is the beginning of a chapter in your life, and I'll be there for you, every step of the process.

If you are considering filing for divorce, please contact the Law Offices of Dave Hawkins to schedule an opportunity to meet me about your family law needs. I'll listen, and be there for you.


  • Dave did an outstanding job for me. I've had several attorneys over the years but Dave far and away has been the best. He's proven to be extremely knowledgeable and has great experienced in Family Law. He's sensitive to my needs, willing to talk and discuss and follows through with my specific asks. His ideas are sound and did work in court. I couldn't be happier. The judge understood our paperwork and worked amicably with Dave, not the other side. We won! Justice was served thanks to Dave Hawkins.

    Ken Fordyce, Family Law Client

  • I've worked with Dave since April 2014 on a child support / post-secondary support case.  It has been grueling for him working through the opponent's attorney and he has stuck with it with unwavering commitment.  He had the opportunity to gracefully bow out when the other attorney successfully had the case stricken, after my daughters' dad, the respondent in the case, died in a tragic accident a week before trial.  But he didn't, instead researching the law how to handle a situation like this, since he nor his attorney friends had ever encountered anything remotely similar.  He had to read up on estate and probate law, which falls outside of family law, and discover the solution to continue the case.  He presented it to the court, they agreed, and put the case back in play.  Dealing with such a tragedy for my daughters , and not having the emotional bandwidth or time to worry or take any kind of action, I needed to trust my attorney would be proactive and do the right thing.  That he did.

    Karen S., Family Law Client • Seattle, WA

  • Dave is fun and lighthearted, helping client's to stay upbeat even in the stress of family court.  He is easy to get a hold of and clear with what you should expect from the hearings and what documents you'll need.  At first I was a little worried about how casual Dave seemed, but he really brings it in court. He knows the law inside and out and judges respond well to his insight.  My case went just the way I had hoped and much due to Dave's hard work.

    Katie, Family Law Client • Seattle, WA

  • Dave worked under extreme deadlines and was more than qualified to handle my high conflict Dissolution. He was empathetic to the Domestic Violence components of my case and was able to secure a positive judgement at trial, including a permanent DVPO against the Respondent. I highly recommend Dave Hawkins to anyone who is being pulled through the Family Courts by an abusive spouse.

    Ms. S. McLean, Family Law Client • Vancouver, WA

  • I've known many lawyers in my lifetime but have never had the need to hire an attorney until now. Dave Hawkins is, first and foremost, a professional. As my rating states he was responsive, knowledgable and certainly kept me informed. Mr. Hawkins emailed any changes that were pertinent to my case and made sure I knew how to conduct myself in the courtroom. I highly recommend Dave Hawkins as a divorce and family law attorney.

    Kelly Ann, Litigation Client

  • After my first attorney quit right in the middle of final negotiations, declaring she had exceeded her hours in her flat fee agreement, I had to find another attorney who was willing to step in.  I interviewed Dave and hired him on the spot because he clearly has a deep knowledge of family law.  He won a continuance which, in my case, was extremely hard to get, so I was thrilled.  It's been several months of working with Dave (we had to start over).  So far so good.  I'm an educated professional business woman.

    Diane A., Family Law Client • Seattle, WA

Meet Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins has been the sole owner and operator of the Law office of Dave Hawkins for the past 12 years. He actively litigates cases throughout Washington State, concentrating in Snohomish, King and Kitsap counties. Mr. Hawkins enjoys representing individuals in family law proceedings and immigration matters involving deportation proceedings as well as the submission of various petitions to the USCIS to help immigrants who wish to live in the Untied States. He has an active Russian clientele and is actively seeking to open up the courts to individuals who traditionally have been excluded from the courts in their home country.  Mr. Hawkins also argues cases before the Court of Appeals.